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Tree Trimming
        Snowplows and emergency vehicles need a clearance of a least 14 ft. from road surface. The clearance for
        sidewalks is 7 ft. from the lowest branch. Bushes are not to extend past the curb or sidewalk. Those that are
        a sight hinderance for vehicles are to be cut down to 3 ft. in height.
        What are trimmings considered?
        Trimmings are considered pieces cut or torn
        from a tree or shrubbery. Grass clippings are
        not considered to be trimmings.  Trimmings
        mixed with garbage will not be accepted.
        Trimmings can be dropped off to be disposed
        of on the 2nd Saturday of every month from
        March to November from 8am-12pm. The site
        is located on Mt. Rose Ave. and Brunk Alley.
        Leaf Season - Recycling and Collection
                                 Leaf season is approaching. This is around the time when the leaves start turning colors
                                 and falling to the ground. As per Spring Garden Township’s Section 260-15 -Separation
                                 and management of leaf waste-“All persons responsible for the management or
                                 operation of multifamily dwelling properties and for commercial, municipal, and
                                 institutional establishments who gather leaf waste shall source-separate all leaf wastes
        and place them for collection in the fall.” The collection or piles of leaves should not be put on the street, but it
        should be kept on the curb in order to not interfere with traffic or proper stormwater drainage. Leaf clean-up will
        follow the same the routes as the street sweeper. The season starts on the October 18 - December 17.

        Planning /Zoning Activities
        Planning Commission:
        The following summary represents actions taken by the Planning Commission from March 2021 through
        October 2021:
          1.  Reviewed and recommended approval for a Land Development
             Plan for a proposed 100,000+ sq.ft. motor freight terminal at 350            Streetside
             N. Sherman St. in the IP zone.  Conditional approval was granted         Basketball Hoops
             by the Board of Commissioners for this project.
                                                                                    Spring  Garden   Township’s
          2.  Reviewed and recommended approval for a Land Development              desire is to protect the public
             and Subdivision plan at 400 Elmwood Boulevard in the AO zone           health, safety, and welfare of our
             for an addition to the carriage house. Conditional approval was        citizens and visitors by enforcing
             granted by the Board of Commissioners.                                 the prohibition of placing sports
          3.  Reviewed sketch plans presented for a redevelopment of 1090 E.        equipment in the street or in the
             Boundary Ave. for a warehouse distribution center in the IP zone.      street right-of-way. Not only will
               This project is still under review.                                  removing the sports equipment
                                                                                    from these areas keep you safe,
        Zoning Hearing Board:                                                       but it will also ensure that the
        Two variance requests for 700 N. Broad St. for three principal uses         trash trucks and emergency
        (three separate tenants for vehicle sales, service and/or repair) and a     vehicles can safely navigate
        variance to the parking requirements in the IP zone.   The Zoning              through these corridors.
        Hearing Board approved this request.

                      PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS

                  This is a constant problem and complaint in almost
                  every neighborhood. Parking in the grass or in an
                  area of the front yard not improved with pavement,
                  concrete, brick, or paving blocks is not permitted
                  by ordinance.

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