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                                           York Area United Fire and Rescue
                                             Headquarters:  50 Commons Drive, York PA  17402
                                                    Tele:  717.718.2383
                        YORK AREA UNITED
                                                   Chief:  Daniel J. Hoff
                                           Grantley Station 89-2, 918 Virginia Avenue, York PA  17103
                        FIRE AND RESCUE
                                           Victory Station 89-4, 421 Wheaton Street, York PA  17103

                    Test smoke detectors monthly and change the batteries 2x annually at the designated
                                    daylight savings times and replace if 10 years or older.

        District Court 19-2-05, 1410 Sixth Avenue, York, PA 17403

         Magisterial District Judge, Jennifer J.P. Clancy, Esquire
                               I am nearing the completion of my first term in office as your Magisterial District Judge. After
                               winning both the Democratic and Republican sides of the primary election in 2015, I took my
                               oath of office on January 4, 2016. That same year I began authoring a regular column in the
                               Spring Garden Township newsletter.  Its primary purpose is to educate and inform residents
                               about the law that pertains to cases that come before District Court 19-2-05. If you are a
                               regular reader, you may already have benefitted from avoiding certain legal pitfalls that
                               commonly arise.
                               This year has been one in which I sought to continue as your local judge by running for a
                               second term. I have been overwhelmed with and humbled by the strong bi-partisan support
                               that allowed me to come through the primary election unchallenged and win the general
                               election. I am grateful to the voters of the Township and those of West York Borough and
                               North York Borough who have given me a second term in office. My excellent staff and I will
        continue to work hard for you. Now in my 30th year of the practice of law, I will continue to deliver justice to all partici-
        pants who come through my court. I will uphold my oath and focus on law and order within our Township. Again, thank
        you and I hope that you enjoy the 2021 holiday season.

                                                         YORK SUBURBAN
                                                         SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                         Collection of School Taxes:
                                                         York Suburban School District will be collecting payment from
                                                         Spring Garden Township residents for the school tax bills issued
                                                         on July 1, 2021. Detailed payment information will be included
                                                         with the bills when they are mailed at the end of June. Around
                                                         the same time, payment information will be made available on
                                                         the District’s taxes web page, which is accessible by visiting
                                               , selecting Business Office from the Departments
                                                         drop-down menu, and then clicking on Taxes. Alternatively, the
                                                         taxes web page can be directly accessed by typing
                                                         into the search bar of your internet browser.

                                                         York Suburban School District: 717.885.1210

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