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        Shoveling Tips
        After a snowstorm, how many times have you shoveled your driveway only to have it plowed in?

        Below are some tips to avoid being plowed in:

          •  Clear an area to the right of your driveway to give the snow on the blade of the plow a place
             to empty before it gets to your driveway.  This way you will not have to do the same job twice.
          •  Eliminate snow piles at the end of the
             driveway.  High accumulations of snow                               CLEAR
             can obstruct the vision of motorists,                               THESE
             posing a safety hazard.                                DRIVEWAY    AREAS
          •  It is unlawful to push snow from a            SNOW
             parking lot, driveway, or sidewalk onto
             the street.

          Public Sewer System
          The sanitary sewer user rates increased second        management of costs. The Township pays both
          quarter of 2020.  This was due to the degree of       York City (and soon the potential treatment
          repairs necessary to be scheduled for                 plant buyer) and Springettsbury Township by
          maintenance on the system such as                     the gallon for sewage treatment.  You can help
          replacement of sewer mains, repair of leaking         by disconnecting the following that tie into the
          laterals, and replacement of deteriorating            sanitary sewer system:  sump pumps, floor
          manholes. The Township regularly televises the        drains, and roof leaders.  We will do our part by
          sewer mains looking for cracks, sags in the           investigating the system for leaks and faults as
          pipe, and water inflow and infiltration.              well as repairing located defects.
          Unfortunately, sewer rates will not remain
          stagnant; the age of the conveyance system
          and the sale of the York City Sewer Treatment
          Plant will result in increases in 2022 and over
          the next several years. We will do our part by
          analyzing the cost of projects and budget
          conservatively for unexpected repairs before
          proposing rate increases.  Any increases to
          services are addressed at the Board of
          Commissioners meetings which are publicly
          held and advertised.
          What is inflow and infiltration (I&I) into a
          sanitary sewer system?  Infiltration enters a
          sewer system through malfunctioning pipe              Want to learn more about the York City Sewer
          joints, breaks, cracks, or manhole faults. Inflow     Treatment Plant sale? The impact to Business
          generally occurs when rainfall enters the             and Citizens is that sewer rates may
          system through connections such as roof               significantly increase year over year. As a
          leaders, yard drains, sump pumps, and faulty          result, loss of economic development
          manhole covers and frame seals.                       opportunity could occur because the potential
          The mitigation of I&I is vital to caring for the      owner is an investor-owned company and
          environment and capital investment in the             accountable to its shareholders –
          sewer system and treatment facilities.  The           NOT the communities it serves.
          more I&I that is controlled, the better the           Visit:

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