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Protect Our Water

                                                   The Problem
                                                   Do you ever think about what happens to a drop of rain that
                                                   falls onto the ground? It may land on a tree and evaporate; it
                                                   may land on a farm field and be absorbed into the soil; or it
                                                   may land on a rooftop, driveway, or road and travel down
                                                   the street into a stream or storm drain. Any precipitation in
                                                   an urban/suburban area that does not evaporate or soak
                                                   into the ground, but instead pools and travels downhill is
                                                   considered stormwater. Stormwater is also referred to as
                                                   urban stormwater runoff and polluted runoff. Increased
                                                   development across York County’s watersheds has made
                                                   stormwater runoff the fastest growing source of pollution
                                                   to the creeks, river, and the Chesapeake Bay.
        The Solution
        What can you do to prevent/control stormwater runoff? Check out the Pennsylvania Department of
        Environmental Protection’s Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater BMPs on the DEP website (www.dep. or on the Township’s Stormwater/MS4 page.
        The Township has adopted and enforces a Stormwater Management Ordinance. New developments
        need to have engineering review and approval of stormwater management plans.
        Observe an erosion or sediment problem from any construction site? Call the York County Conserva-
        tion District at 717.841.7430 to commence the investigation. Any other type of stormwater issue or
        concern, please call the Township Office at 717.848.2858.



        Public Works Superintendent Steven Smith (right) retired in September 2021 after being with Spring
        Garden Township for 24 years. Steve’s easy-going demeanor, his institutional knowledge, and his
        hearty laugh will be missed in our facilities! We wish Steve the best in life’s next chapter. Craig Ruhl
        (middle) was promoted from Building and Grounds Crew Leader to Public Works Superintendent.
        Craig’s established knowledge of nearly 25 years of our Township’s infrastructure and facilities will
        aid in his success. Brandon Burke (left) was promoted to Building and Grounds Crew Leader after
        being with the township for 12 years.

                                                                            Remember Robert Peña from the Spring
                                                                            2021 newsletter? He was appointed as
                                                                            the full-time Code Enforcement Officer
                                                                            and Rental Inspector during the summer
                                                                            of 2021! 2021 was the year of change for
                                                                            Spring Garden Township. We would like
                                                                            to welcome Beth Barnes and April Doster-
                                                                            Wright (Administrative Assistants) and
                                                                            Luther Wike, Jr. (Accounting and Benefits

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