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        Spring Garden Township Real Estate Taxes and York Suburban School Taxes

        Please refer to the York County PA election results for the elected tax collector for Spring Garden Township
        Real Estate and Fire taxes and the York Suburban School District school taxes.

        This information will also be posted to the Spring Garden Township website at

        Spring Garden Township Annual Budget

        By December 31 of each year, the Township Board of Commissioners must approve a balanced budget.
        Commencing in August, our elected Commissioners and our Administrative, Police, and Public Works
        Departments were diligently working on the 2022 Budget.  After the 2022 budget and tax levies are
        adopted by ordinance, they will be posted on the Township website.



                          Rental Properties
                          A rental property is one where any person other than the owner resides in a dwelling or
                          dwelling unit, whether or not related to the owner of the property.
                          Each rental property is subject to the minimum property maintenance code standards such as
                          handrails, proper light and ventilation, and thermal and sanitary maintenance, as well as being
                          compliant with all other Township codes such as Nuisance (§165, Article I).
                          Every two years each rental unit and the premises surrounding the rental unit will be inspected
        by the Rental Inspector. Completed annual rental license applications and fees are to be filed with the township
        by January 31 of each year by the property owner. This form must be accompanied by the per-unit fee of $200. If
        application for license is filed after January 31, a late fee of $100 /per unit is added to the annual license fee. It is
        the rental property owner’s responsibility to file completed license applications for each rental unit prior to the
        due date each year. Reminder notices will not be sent to rental unit owners.
        New tenant?  Prior to renting to a new tenant, an inspection by the rental inspector is necessary.
        All forms can be found on our website. Questions about rental property licenses, inspections, and change of
        tenants: or call 717.848.2858 for the Rental Inspector.

                                                                   To Report a Code Violation
                                                   On our website we have provided the guidelines for what is considered a
                                                   violation. You can find it under the Government tab and subsection called
                                                   eCode360. If you are unsure if it is a violation, please check the website.
                                                   In Quick Links, Permits & Applications we have the online complaint form
                                                   for  your  convenience;  you  will be able  to  add  details  and  pictures to
        The Planning Commission needs a            support your claims.  All online forms will be addressed in a timely fashion.
                                                   For those who don’t have access to the website please call the Township
        volunteer from WARD 3 to serve on the      at 717.848.2858.  Note: eCode360 also contains the Township Zoning
        Planning Commission.  Are you interested   Ordinance. For more information about what the Planning Commission
        in serving your community? If so, please   does or what the Zoning Hearing Board is, please visit the website.
        contact the Township Office for details.

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